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Artist Statement

For thirty years, I have endeavored to photograph the story of our natural environment. Observing the ever changing light and shapes, I find myself drawn into the reality of place and time. Nature then reveals its secrets to our senses and the functional aspects of photography become secondary. From the almost timeless resolve of a gray granite monolith to the capricious course of a floating leaf, a slice of nature is novelized without a time scale.

Starting with this visual reality, a story begins to develop around what had existed, how it has changed and how it has affected other natural events. Through this eternal evolution, a deeper feeling for our human experience can be gained. Encapsulating these changes, a photograph offers a glimpse of life's struggle and triumph in two dimensions, bounded by a white frame. By utilizing the black and white media, inanimate objects are abstracted and transformed, evoking an emotional insight into our human journey. These photographs then become a symbolic and graphic form of the experience.